Retail Services

Retail Services 

Welcome to Pac Fibre Soils. Explore all of our remarkable retail service offerings, including our signature blends and premium bark and pumice products your trusted destination for custom soils and customer-directed blends. We take pride in introducing our exceptional signature blends, now showcased in attractive new retail bags. 

Pac Fibre Signature Soil Dynasty: Experience the exceptional performance of our signature blends, meticulously crafted to meet your plants’ unique requirements. Discover the true potential of your gardening endeavors with Pac Fibre Soil Dynasty in retail bags that are not only eye-catching but also boldly colored, representing the vibrant results they deliver.

Retail Services Pac Fibre Soils Bagged soil.

33F Greenhouse Blend: Ignite explosive growth in your greenhouse with our specialized blend. This carefully formulated potting soil nurtures a wide range of plants, from vibrant flowers to bountiful vegetables.

Spring Soil – Large Container Raised Bed Blend. This specialized blend is perfect for large containers and raised beds, providing optimal nutrition for your plants. Aptly named, it captures the essence of both the ideal planting season and the fertility and abundance associated with spring. Nourish your plants from their early stages to full bloom, creating a vibrant sanctuary of life in your garden.

Premium Potting – Indoor and Outdoor Potting Blend: Unleash your creativity and versatility with our premium all-purpose potting mix. It is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor gardening adventures, providing an ideal foundation for your plants to thrive.

We also offer retail services of premium bark and pumice products:

Fine Fir Bark: Enhance the appearance of ground cover, block weeds, and enrich the soil with our exceptional Fine Fir Bark. Transform your landscapes and flower beds with this high-quality bark.

Course Bark: Achieve the perfect balance between weed suppression and aesthetic appeal with our course bark. It is an excellent choice for mulching and creating attractive surface layers in garden beds.

Hog Fuel – Walking Path: Ensure excellent erosion control in windy areas and slopes with our hog fuel walking path bark. Its shredded materials create a natural forest floor look while providing functionality and visual appeal.

Retail Services Bark Products

Pumice: Discover the versatility of our pumice products, available in various grades. Whether you need to restore volume to shrinking raised beds, create pathways, or develop your own greenroofing growing media, pumice is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

At Pac Fibre Soils, we invite you to explore our exceptional retail offerings, including our signature blends, premium bark, and versatile pumice. Unleash the full potential of your gardening projects with our high-quality products.