Wholesale Services: Custom Mixing

At Pac Fibre Soils, we understand the unique and multifaceted needs of our wholesale customers. Our commitment is to provide tailored potting soil solutions that meet the specific requirements of your crops, location, and growing practices. With our expertise, we aim to deliver the perfect soil blend for your success.

Tailored Solutions for Every Sector

Nursery: From propagation to large specimens, our custom mixes cater to liners, containers, B&B, and more.

Greenhouse: Optimize growth with our custom mixes for cuttings, plugs, annuals, perennials, baskets, and flower crops.

Greenroof: Our extensive, intensive, and custom mixes are designed for successful greenroof installations.

Landscape: Enhance your projects with our range of products, including bark mulch, compost, decorative bark, and soil/sand/compost blends.

Organic: Partner with us to develop organic mixes aligned with your organic management plan for certification.

Flexibility and Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support and flexibility to ensure your mix evolves with your changing needs. Our team will work closely with you to modify the blend over time, accommodating any adjustments in your growing practices.


Minimum Order Quantities for Custom Blends

  • Bulk Mixes: Minimum order of 10 cubic yards for bulk soil.

  • Bulk Totes: Orders must be placed in multiples of 2 (minimum of 4 totes).

  • 1.5 Cubic Foot Bags: Minimum order of 3 pallets.

Delivery and Pickup Options


  • Bulk Soil Delivery: Timely delivery options, ranging from 10 cubic yards to full semi loads, ensuring an ample supply for your project.

  • Bulk Tote Bag Delivery: Convenient delivery service covering multiples of 2 tote bags (minimum of 4 totes) through full semi loads, tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Pallets of Retail Size Bags: Palletized deliveries of 1.5 cubic foot bags, perfect for smaller-scale projects, allowing for easier handling and distribution.


For customers with suitable vehicles, we provide the option of Customer Pickup at our Canby, Oregon production facility. Please ensure your vehicle has the necessary load capacity and equipment for safe transport. Our team reserves the right to refuse loading if we determine the equipment to be inadequate.

At Pac Fibre Soils, we are committed to meeting your wholesale needs and providing exceptional growing media solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the quality and service that sets us apart.

Get In Touch With Pac Fibre Soils

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